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In today's society, the most important factor that determines the development of an enterprise is not capital, technology, or system, but the high sense of responsibility of people. Talents are the most precious wealth of an enterprise, the bond that maintains the enterprise, and the soul of the company. The company believes in the people-oriented management philosophy, attaches importance to the development and training of talents, and strives to create various conditions for the growth of talents, so as to retain people by career, development and culture. Make the company develop and grow by giving full play to the talents of employees, and reflect the value of employees through the development and growth of the company.

The company adheres to the principle of "horse racing", with "performance better than qualifications, ability higher than academic qualifications" and "both ability and political integrity" As an employment standard, encourage employees to display their talents. At the same time, if a company wants to develop, it must continuously improve the overall quality of its employees. The company puts forward the slogan "Training is the greatest benefit for employees, and development is the best return for employees", actively creating good learning and training conditions, and planning for its employees. Training to fully explore the potential of employees and promote the growth of talents.

Through a series of activities such as its own personnel diagnosis and employee training, the company transforms advanced human resource management ideas into an operable system suitable for the company’s characteristics, and has a great impact on the company’s organization, human resource staffing, and human resource management institutions After further adjustments, the company's personnel management, labor management and performance evaluation systems have been established. By using this system, the company has improved the management level of human resources, mobilized the enthusiasm of employees, and promoted the continuous progress of the company.

We firmly believe that talents are the real driving force for the development of an enterprise, employees are the wings for us to take off, we are the stage for employees to show, and employees are dependent on us for common development. Therefore, we advocate a people-oriented management idea and implement a people-oriented management policy, and put forward: "The so-called business operation is the management of talents; the so-called industry competition is the competition of talents". Developed the modern enterprise human resource management concept of "people-oriented, human resource-oriented, talent dynamic".

   Only capable, appoint people on their merits, apply what they have learned, and develop comprehensively. In line with the principle of "Employing the strengths and accommodating others", we implement an appointment system for management personnel, find the most suitable position for each employee, and seek the most suitable employee for each position. Strengthen training and learning. Provide training and learning opportunities for employees and take the road of learning-oriented enterprise development. In order to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees for learning, vigorously carry out three ratios (comparing ideals, technology, and contribution), three innovations (creating a beautiful environment, creating a good order, and creating a civilized unit), commending and rewarding the winners, and forming a company Strong learning atmosphere. People make the best use of their talents. Follow the "synchronization of recruitment and training, integration of internal and external, and both ability and political integrity, to provide employees with a stage for entrepreneurship and opportunities for development. The company receives reasonable suggestions from employees at any time, and the company interacts with employees to form a good atmosphere in which the company treats employees well and employees love the company. Create standardization The environment and atmosphere that combines management and humanistic management cultivates employees' sense of honor through various methods and stimulates work enthusiasm.

Adhere to the principle of "respect, trust and understand people" so that employees feel that they can develop here. Under the influence of the "people-oriented" corporate culture, every employee is motivated to "self-reliance, self-reliance, love of the factory, dedication, pioneering and enterprising, collaborative dedication", and the heart of all employees will be shared with the company Unite tightly to create greater value for the enterprise and the society!

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